Sunday, August 31, 2008

AFL BNCOC Graduation at Camp Ware

{June 20th, 2008: Lieutenant Colonel Wyatt giving his speech to the graduating BNCOC class at Camp Ware}

Camp Sandie S. Ware, Careysburg, Monrovia, June 20th, 2008:

Another appealing part of building a new army is watching the progress and development of leadership abilities in that new organization. One easily observed manifestation of this is graduation ceremonies. On June 20th I gave the graduation speech at what was my final Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course (BNCOC) graduation at Camp Ware.

As always, this was a great event. The soldiers were happy to complete one more step in their professional growth. BNCOC is an important step in developing small unit leaders within the NCO corps. At BNCOC soldiers learn basic leadership skills that help prepare them to advance to the NCO ranks.

{June 20th, 2008: Lieutenant Colonel Wyatt talks to the media after the ceremony}

{June 20th, 2008: with BNCOC graduates at Camp Ware, Liberia}

{June 20th, 2008: addressing the officer candidates at the BNCOC graduation}

{June 20th, 2008: BNCOC graduates prepare to load up to move out to EBK Military Barracks}

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